Organic Coconut Wax


CocoWix® was created with a passion for candles and a mission to find the most natural, high quality, and non-toxic ingredients that support a healthy home and well-being. Our candles are proudly made in the US & Canada with the most sustainable and natural organic wax available, coconut wax. It burns healthier and cleaner than soy and paraffin candles and is tastefully fragranced. Our candles feature a wooden wick, where you can enjoy the tranquil sound of a crackling wick. Cotton wicks are also available.


Enjoy The Ambiance of CocoWix

CocoWix® Candles creates a relaxing peaceful ambiance like no other, in our humble opinion.

  • Organic Coconut Wax

    Made from cold-pressed organic coconut wax, one of the most eco-friendly and healthiest candle waxes to burn on the planet!

    It doesn't produce the soot that most other types of waxes do.

  • Essential Oils

    Our essential oil collection is perfect for those who enjoy using their candles for aromatherapy. It has a superior scent throw which means we can produce long lasting and strongly scented candles using our coconut wax.

  • 100% Wood Wicks

    All natural, responsibly harvested redwood. Made in the USA. Provides a light crackle while burning and burns clean and evenly. 100% cotton wicks also available.